How to Screenshot on iPhone 14


To take a screenshot on the iPhone 14, simultaneously press the Side Button and the Volume Up Button. Once captured, a preview appears at the bottom left, offering immediate editing options, from cropping to doodling.

You can also check out this video about taking screenshots on an iPhone 14 for more on this topic.

Intro: The Art of Capturing Moments with a Screenshot

Remember the days when you had to describe something cool you saw on your phone? Now, it’s all about screenshots. Like a magic wand, a simple button combo lets you freeze time. And if you’ve got the latest iPhone 14 in your hands, you’re in for a treat. Let’s dive into how you can take screenshots with ease!

Understanding the iPhone 14 Design

Before we jump into the action, let’s chat about the iPhone 14’s design. Apple has always been a trendsetter, and with each new iPhone, there’s a slight twist in the design. Knowing where the buttons are can be half the battle.

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The Screenshot Button Combo

Now, here’s the secret sauce. Ready? Press the Side Button (on the right) and the Volume Up Button (on the left) at the same time. That’s it. No magic spells or dances required.

A Quick Preview: Your Snapshot’s First Look

Once you’ve taken the screenshot, a tiny preview appears on the bottom left. Tap on it, and you’ll jump into a world of editing possibilities.

Editing Your Masterpiece

Now, this is where things get juicy! With the edit feature, you can:

  • H3: Crop & Resize: Got extra stuff you don’t want? Chop it off!
  • H3: Markup & Draw: Feeling artsy? Doodle away!
  • H3: Add Text: Why not throw in some words for extra flair?

Pros of Taking Screenshots on iPhone 14

  1. Easy Peasy: Seriously, just two buttons. Can it get any simpler?
  2. Instant Edit Options: No need to search for third-party apps.
  3. High-Quality Images: Apple ensures your screenshots are crisp and clear.

Cons of Taking Screenshots on iPhone 14

  1. Accidental Screenshots: If you’re not careful, you might end up with a gallery full of pocket pics.
  2. Storage Space: Those high-quality images? They can eat up space.
  3. Over Editing: With great power comes… a chance to go overboard with doodles and text.

Video About iPhone Screenshots

Additional Information: Dive Deeper

For the tech enthusiasts out there, you might wonder about the resolution of the screenshots. The iPhone 14, depending on the model, will have varied resolutions. So, if you’re keen on pixel perfection, do check the specs of your specific iPhone model.

Conclusion: A Screenshot is Worth a Thousand Words

And there you have it! With your iPhone 14, you can capture, edit, and share in seconds. So next time you see something share-worthy, remember – it’s just a click away.


  1. Can I take a screenshot while watching videos? Absolutely! Whether it’s a movie scene or a hilarious GIF, capture away.
  2. Where are my screenshots saved? They’re snug and cozy in your Photos app, under the “Screenshots” album.
  3. How do I share my screenshots? After taking the screenshot, tap the preview, then the share icon.
  4. What if my buttons don’t work? Don’t fret! Head over to ‘Settings’ > ‘Accessibility’ > ‘Touch’ > ‘Back Tap’ to set up an alternative.
  5. Can I set a timer for screenshots? Unfortunately, there’s no direct timer option. But there are third-party apps that can help!