How to Delete Icons from Home Screen on Android: A Step-by-Step Guide


Cleaning up your Android home screen by deleting icons you no longer need is a simple task. All it takes is a few taps and drags, and voila! Your home screen is decluttered. Not only does this make your phone look tidier, but it can also help improve its performance. Ready to get started?

Step by Step Tutorial on How to Delete Icons from Home Screen on Android

Before diving into the deletion process, it’s important to understand that removing an icon from your home screen does not uninstall the app. It simply removes the shortcut, making your home screen less cluttered.

Step 1: Locate the Icon

Find the icon you want to delete on your home screen.

Some icons may be nestled in folders or on different screens, so make sure to swipe around if you can’t find the one you’re looking for immediately.

Step 2: Tap and Hold the Icon

Press and hold the icon until a menu pops up or the icon enlarges.

On some Android devices, you might feel a vibration or see the icon pop out slightly from the home screen, indicating it’s ready to be moved or removed.

Step 3: Drag the Icon to the Remove/Delete Area

Once the icon is selected, drag it to the top of the screen where you see the remove or delete option.

The remove or delete area is usually indicated by a trash can icon or the word ‘Remove’. On some devices, you might have to drag the icon to a specific spot on the screen for the option to appear.

Step 4: Release the Icon

Let go of the icon once it’s over the remove/delete area to delete it.

If you’ve done this correctly, the icon should disappear from your home screen. If not, try the steps again, making sure to hold and drag the icon properly.

After you’ve deleted the icon, your home screen will immediately look cleaner. If you decide you want the icon back, you can always add it back by going into your app drawer, finding the app, and adding a shortcut to your home screen again.

Tips on Deleting Icons from Home Screen on Android

  • If you want to delete multiple icons at once, some Android devices allow you to select multiple apps before dragging them to the delete area.
  • Remember, deleting an icon doesn’t uninstall the app. To completely remove an app from your device, you need to uninstall it from your settings or app drawer.
  • Be careful not to delete any essential icons that you use frequently, as this will just create more work for you to add them back.
  • If you accidentally delete an icon, don’t panic. You can easily add it back by finding the app in your app drawer.
  • Organizing your apps into folders on your home screen can also help keep it tidy without having to delete icons.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will deleting an icon from my home screen uninstall the app?

No, deleting an icon only removes the shortcut; it does not uninstall the app from your device.

Can I delete a widget from my home screen the same way I delete an icon?

Yes, the process for deleting a widget is similar. Tap and hold the widget, then drag it to the remove/delete area.

What if the icon I deleted is not in my app drawer?

If the icon you deleted is not in your app drawer, it’s likely that you’ve uninstalled the app. You will need to go to the Google Play Store to reinstall it.

Is there a way to prevent accidental deletion of icons?

Some Android devices have settings that allow you to lock your home screen layout, preventing icons from being moved or deleted.

Can I recover an icon that I’ve deleted?

Yes, you can always add a deleted icon back to your home screen by finding the app in your app drawer and creating a new shortcut.


  1. Locate the icon you want to delete.
  2. Tap and hold the icon.
  3. Drag the icon to the remove/delete area.
  4. Release the icon to delete it.


Deleting icons from your Android home screen is a breeze once you know how. It’s all about tapping, holding, and dragging – something we’ve all mastered with the rise of touchscreens. And let’s be honest, there’s something deeply satisfying about decluttering your digital space. It’s like tidying up a room; you feel a sense of accomplishment and calm afterward. Plus, it can even give your phone’s performance a little boost.

Remember, though, that this is all about enhancing your user experience. If an app brings you joy or utility, keep it around. Only ditch the icons that are gathering virtual dust. And for those moments of ‘Oops, I didn’t mean to delete that,’ no worries – just pop back into your app drawer, and you can restore order with a few taps. So go ahead, give your Android home screen the spring clean it deserves. Happy decluttering!